English Communication Diploma (ECD) Speaking Program

English Communication Diploma (ECD) Speaking Program
FOCUS ON COMMUNICATION : Speaking fluently and accurately.

At Britannia College, we have created a communications program that focuses on the basics of speaking in order to help you achieve your English goals.

Classes that teach you accuracy, fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation have all been designed with one goal in mind – to make you the best English speaker you can be!
With all these classes working together, the students will find their speaking skills improving much more quickly than they ever imagined.


The teachers introduce the concepts and ideas the students will be using for the day and explain vocabulary connected to the topics of the week. Focus is placed on the students not just understanding what the words mean, but, more importantly, being able to construct sentences using this vocabulary. Constant pronunciation correction helps the students sound better and feel more confident.

– script/dialogue work

– Idioms/vocab

– review and corrections

– explaining vocab/exercise

– Pronunciation/Intonation/Stress/Linking

– using the days phrases, problems, correction

– acting out

– vocab games

The goal of this class is to work on the structure and form of the students´ spoken English.

Through almost constant error correction and repetition, the students will see their conversational skills improve as they learn the methods and techniques to communicate with native speakers.

– focus on error corrections

– student participation

– sentence /phrase building

– alternative structures

– usage/idioms, common expressions

– Speaking practice, discussion, conversations, describing pictures, storytelling, explaining and etc.

The teachers will focus on improving the students´ confidence and comfort levels while speaking.

The students will be given far greater freedom to speak and create their own language and error correction will come after the students are finished speaking, not as the errors are occurring.

– student centered

– students participation

– giving colloquial expressions, alternative structures

– dynamic activities

– presentation(Tape recording)

– review

– role-play

– time speaking

– debate, discussion

– creative speaking

A functional review of the day.

Time Schedule

Morning Classes
PV – Pronunciation & Vocab ( 09:00-10:15 )
Break Time
OA – Oral Accuracy ( 10:15-12:00 )
  Lunch Break
Afternoon Classes
OF – Oral Fluency ( 1:00-2:20 )
Break Time
EU – English in Use ( 2:35-3:15 )


ECD Brochure (IN)

ECD Brochure (OUT)



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