School Policies

Registration / Payment Policy

Application and tuition fees must be received by Britannia at the latest one week prior to the program start date.

In case a student signs up for the program from the following week, tuition fess must be paid to the school within three days after application received. (If an application is received on Wednesday or Thursday, the tuition has to be paid by Friday of the week.)

In the case of bank wire transfer from overseas, the tuition also must be received one week prior to program start date. (We admit the date on the receipt of the money transferring)

If the payment for the tuition is delayed after the application is received, the original start date desired may change.

 Level Test (Interview & Written test) > Start date confirmation > Application received  > Payment > Registration completion

Start Date Change Policy

Written notice is needed to change the start date at least one week prior to the start date. The new start date needs to be set at the same time. The new start date must be within 12 months of the original start date.

Start Date change
1st time change (possible, but depending on room availability for the level)
2nd time change ? Fees for change (4-7 weeks course:$100, more than 8 weeks course:$150)
3rd time change ? ? ?

In case of cancellation after the 2nd time change, student will get refunded only 60% of the total amount paid after deducting the registration fee.

Study Period Change Policy & No Break Policy

One week advance notice is the minimum required in order to change a student’s start date. No requests to shorten a student’s study period will be accepted if received less than a week prior to the program start date. In the event a student wants to shorten their study period without sufficient notice, no refund for the change will be issued.

After starting the program, a student cannot shorten the total study period he/she signed up for and also cannot postpone the program. If a student is not able to continue studying, a refund will be applied according to the refund policy.

Extension of study will be available depending on the availability of classes. (Written notice is needed at least two weeks prior to the new start date)

Breaks during study periods are not permitted and no future credit towards study time will be given.

(No break available during the study period, No Credit)

Attendance Policy

Britannia students are expected to attend classes 100% of the time.

There are four classes per day. (On Friday, there are 2 classes)

If a student comes to class more than 5 minutes after the class has started, the student cannot take the specific class. If a student comes within the first half of the class time but cannot take the class, we will regard it as a lateness not as an absence. (The student needs to stay at the school for next class). If a student is late for the class 3 times, Britannia College will consider it one single absence. If a student does not arrive at the school within this time period, or completely misses the class, we will consider it an absence.

We will count the number of class absences (not day absences) regardless of the total study period.

1st Absence > 2nd Absence > 3rd Absence > Dismissal (No refund)

If a student misses three classes without permission or notification, they will be dismissed without a refund or a diploma. (If a student misses an entire day of classes (four absences on a day), the student will be dismissed when he/she is late or absent next time.) A student cannot leave the classroom without the teacher?s permission.

If a student is going to be absent from a class, the student must discuss with the school staff to get permission first.
Proof of the reason for an absence may be requested.

Also, the student needs to bring reliable proof. The School will check or contact the person to prove. Personal reasons are not acceptable. Ex) Sickness ? Doctor?s note (name of the clinic, Contact person, Phone number, Address?)

Absences due to any personal reasons or personal trips are not permitted.

Absences due to illness are acceptable and will not count against you. However, you must notify the school before 9am and you may be required to submit a doctor’s note or other proof of the reason for your absence. Unexcused absences totalling more than 15% of a student’s study period will result in no certificate/diploma being awarded.

Also, you need to submit reliable proof of your sickness with any letter, receipt or etc. Without submitting the proof if you just stay at home and are absent the classes more than 15% of your total period, you will not be eligible to get your certificate/diploma. You should be present more than 85% of the total period. (We will not count the days you submit the proof for.)

For example, without any proof if you miss more than 6 days you cannot get your diploma. (If you register 8weeks).
Students should allow for transportation delays, but if they are delayed on route they should call the school in order to avoid a possible late or absent mark. A student will still be asked to wait for the next class if more than 10 minutes late.

English Only Policy

We believe that speaking English is the most effective way to improve your English skills and we want to have an environment where everyone speaks English 100% of the time.

Britannia students are expected to speak English at all times on the Britannia campus. This includes inside the washrooms, the classes, the hallways, the lounge, the stairways and the entrance of the building. So simply, as soon as you enter 342 Water Street, you have to speak English.

If a student uses any other language than English, the student will be given the following warnings:

1st Warning : The student will be issued a warning letter.

2nd Warning : The student will be issued a warning letter and suspended from his/her morning classes the following school day.

3rd Warning : Any student who is caught speaking a language other than English for the third time will receive a final letter that marks their expulsion from the school and the cancellation of their classes without refund

Behavioral Warnings Policy

In an attempt to create a classroom environment where all students have the opportunity to learn and practice their English, behavioral warnings will be issued to students who are continually disruptive in class.  A student may be given a warning for one of the following reasons, or another that the teacher determines to be inappropriate for the class:

  • Not doing previews, reviews and homework
  • Repeatedly speaking out of turn and interrupting other students or the teacher
  • Being disrespectful to classmates or the teacher
  • Holding private conversations during instruction time or during feedback
  • Monopolizing class time with inappropriate and/or off topic questions and discussion
  • General disruptive and distracting behavior
  • Not participating in class works and activities

First Warning: Given the warning and the student is permitted to stay and try to comply with the rules

Second Warning: Student is asked to leave the class immediately

Third Warning: Student must leave the room immediately and is suspended for the entire following day?s classes.

Will be marked as an absence.

Refund Policy

Registration Fee ($120) and Homestay Placement Fee ($220) are non-refundable.

To apply for a refund, the student must submit a written notice of withdrawal.

The School will refund the student?s money within 30 calendar days after receiving the written notice.

All refunds will be calculated from the total amount after deducting the registration fee according to the school?s refund policy.

No refund ? If the student is dismissed according to school policy. 


Refund for student When you must cancel Cancellation Fee for Britannia College
75% (min.) No authorization from Immigration Canada(Visa denial) ? Proof needed 25% of total fees
75% 30 days or more before the program starts 25% of total fees
60% 1-29 day(s) before the program starts 40% of total fees



Refund for student When you must cancel Cancellation Fee for Britannia College
50% 0 ? 10 % of the program completed 50% of total fees
30% 11% – 29% of the program completed 70% of total fees
No Refund 30% – 100% of the program completed 100% of total fees

Other Policies

Certificate/Diploma Policy

According to the attendance policy, a student who completes the whole study period signed up for is eligible to get a certificate/diploma from the school. (4-7weeks – Certificate, more than 8weeks – Diploma). Students will get the certificate/diploma on the last day of the program.

A student is not eligible to get the certificate/diploma in cases where …
– the student did not complete the course requirements by the last day of the study period
– the student was absent for more than 15% of the total study period without any proof of illness

Level Change Policy
A student is not allowed to decide their level or teachers.
The three teachers who teach the class have to agree to move a student up to the next level. A student’s bad attendance, especially repeatedly skipping the presentations on Fridays, may affect their level.

No Phone, No Dictionary Policy
In most cases, the use of phones or dictionaries in class is discouraged. This is because we feel the best way to learn English is to use it, even, or especially, when it’s difficult to do so. A student who persists in using electronic dictionaries or cell phones when asked not to may receive a behavior warning.

Student Insurance
We strongly recommend that you get health or medical insurance in your home country or in Canada. The school is available to help students get medical insurance.

Dismissal Policy

When student fails our attendance policy or English only Policy, dismissal will be applicable without refund. (No class, No refund)


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