How to apply ESL course?

How to apply ESL course in Canada?

If you would like to apply for a Britannia English course, please fill out the online registration form. Once we process your application, we will contact you directly to complete the registration.

Please fill out all the information in English.

1) Personal information

Please double-check your name and your date of birth. (The name must be the same as the one on your passport.)
Please put your correct email address for us to contact you.

2) Mailing address in home country

Please write the address in your country correctly, including the postal code.

3) Mailing address in Canada

Only for the student who is already in Canada

4) Program information

Please choose the course that you want to register for. Minimum registration is four weeks and the program starts every Monday.
Please put the date you want to start studying and enter the total weeks you want.

Before your submission for registration, please review all the School Policies carefully.


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